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Viride Research Partners, LLC announces the release of an in-depth business analysis of CannaRoyalty Corp. (CNSX:CRZ) (OTCQB:CNNRF) (FRA:CY4) presented in a detailed report. It is offered for viewing and download here.

The report, which outlines the company’s strategy and current operations, also offers insight into the perceived opportunities in CannaRoyalty’s positioning in the explosive sub-markets within cannabis. It explores CannaRoyalty’s diversified portfolio of cannabis companies and brands that continue to thrive as new markets open and existing markets continue to expand. With investments in intellectual property and research applications as well as stronghold consumer and lifestyle brands, CannaRoyalty is well positioned to advance in the growing regulated medical cannabis market.

“We were excited to take on this project as CannaRoyalty is invested in a wide range of investments, subsidiaries, partners and brands,” said Grady Camp, a Viride Research Partners LLC Managing Partner. “Our firm’s specialty is in the cannabis sector and we were extremely enthused to research and provide an analysis of the most diversified publicly traded cannabis company.”

The report, which is being offered for free download from The Daily Marijuana Observer, comes at a pivotal time in cannabis legislative reform. With a handful more states passing legislative reform in this recent November election, the market for cannabis is set to grow at unseen rates over the coming years. The report is as up-to-date as possible at the time of its release. Viride Research Partners will continue to monitor CannaRoyalty. as well as other publicly traded cannabis companies and provide readers with updates.

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