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In anticipation of Canada’s impending legalization of cannabis, Regroupement Conduite Responsable Canada (RCRC), a non-profit organization that brings together companies to promote road safety in Canada, particularly with respect to impaired driving, will offer visitors to this year’s Grand Prix Crescent Street Festival an opportunity to gain greater understanding of how cannabis can affect one’s judgement and sensory response time, thanks to a donation of $20,000 from Aurora Cannabis, one of Canada’s largest licensed producers of medical cannabis.

Regroupement Conduite Responsable Canada will host an interactive kiosk during the annual Crescent Street Festival which takes place June 7-9, 2018 and encourage visitors to test their specially-designed goggles which simulate the effects of cannabis. Participants will be asked to perform a series of tasks organized in a game-based format both with, and without the cannabis goggles. The exercise is designed to demonstrate the impact cannabis can have not only on vision, but on thinking and reaction timing.

“Aurora Cannabis is delighted to be able to support responsible use by donating to such an important initiative, especially during one of Montreal’s most popular summertime events,” said Terry Booth, CEO of Aurora. “It is very important to stress that individuals should not drive while impaired by any substance, including cannabis, alcohol or psychoactive prescription medicines. We strongly advise against operating motorized vehicles while under the influence of cannabis, given its potential to affect response time and the ability to make proper judgement calls while on the road. Public education programs such as those undertaken by RCRC deliver important messages to help ensure that medical cannabis patients and adult consumers understand the best means to use cannabis responsibly, and to plan ahead for safe alternatives to driving after consumption.”

Regroupement Conduite Responsable Canada is made up of members from private corporations and non-profit organizations that offer consumers rides home when under the influence of alcohol and cannabis, distributes alcohol detection tests and provides educational material using their motto “When in doubt, don’t drive.”

“We approached Aurora Cannabis with our project because they are committed to ensuring that medical cannabis users, and ultimately recreational cannabis users, understand that cannabis containing THC should not be consumed prior to operating a motor vehicle,” said Stéphane Maurais, spokesperson for Regroupement Conduite Responsable Canada. “As we approach legalization, our message to operators of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and other watercraft, is simple: Get Real, Don’t Take the Wheel.”

RCRC’s mission is to provide education and solutions in the fight against impaired driving in Quebec. They provide services to over 700,000 individuals each year. Visit our web site at

SOURCE Regroupement Conduite Responsable Canada

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SOURCE: Regroupement Conduite Responsable Canada

Media contacts: For Regroupement Conduite Responsable Canada: Stephane Maurais,Executive Director, Alco Prevention Canada, 514-838-0775,; For Aurora Cannabis: Nicole Lascelle, CommunityRelations & Communications Manager, 438-828-4834,
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