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Global Research & Discovery Group Sciences (“GRDG”), a private research and development organization, announced that it has met all of its objectives to address global medical issues and is moving forward into the next phase of groundbreaking research.

After full completion of the initial cancer research portion for its universal therapeutic drug platform, GRDG’s science obtained its valuation from Destum Partners, a world-renowned intellectual property valuation and licensing firm known globally for its high level of expertise and capability in independently valuing and licensing pharmaceutical technology. Destum’s clientele includes UCB Pharma, Pieris AG, Cempra Pharmaceuticals, Arena Pharmaceuticals and Advaxis.

Although GRDG was seeded with less than $2 million in research funding, the platform technology and robust portfolio generated by GRDG has returned a significant investment in its valuation, exceeding $500 Million. This valuation will allow the company to continue moving forward in creating medication that will treat a range of disease categories including neurological, anti-microbial, anti-viral and oncology.

“GRDG is blessed with a strong leadership team who has shown its brilliance at achieving results in a cost-effective protocol without placing the burden of medication cost on patients,” said Former Senior Assistant Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Roscoe M. Moore Jr. who is GRDG’s Scientific Adviser. “My experience as the former senior assistant Surgeon General of the United States has allowed me to direct the team in identifying key objectives for this initiative. I look forward to addressing future issues that we can solve for patients.” Moore guided the team in identifying global health concerns, identification of key scientific assets, navigation of inter-government agencies, and global policy issues.

The team consists of Daryl Thompson, Director of Scientific Initiatives; Scott Truesdell, Special Projects Section Leader who executed the scientific research; and Christina Glendening, Chief Operating Officer.

“We are extremely pleased with this major milestone and the success rate, as well as the impact that this endeavor will potentially have in addressing global medical needs,” says Mr. Thompson. “We are equipped with a gifted team who have worked tirelessly to produce a robust portfolio that will provide a myriad of health solutions for patients.”

Examples of GRDG’s successfully completed projects include:

— Linebacker – a broad-spectrum universal therapeutic platform to address worldwide illnesses such as neurological diseases, diabetes, cancer, and infectious diseases caused by drug-resistant viruses and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

— 3F – a highly effective 2nd generation of mosquito control technology which mimics natural fragrances, that has proved to be safe and designed to be added to a plethora of products such as laundry detergents, body sprays, perfumes, shampoos, lotions, cosmetics, etc. This functional fragrance formula is effective against mosquitoes, ticks, MRSA, E. coli, staph, cold, and flu.

— Equivir/Nemovir – a prophylactic line of defense against cold, flu, and Ebola

— Sweet Sense – a breakthrough low glycemic sugar poised to solve the rising global problem of metabolic disorders and associated conditions.

Based on this success, GRDG Sciences is forging ahead in creating innovative solutions to globally daunting problems. GRDG’s demonstrated acumen, unique approach, and efficient processes promise to bring more successes to the global healthcare landscape.

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