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via NEWMEDIAWIRE — Crown Baus Capital Corporation (OTC:CBCA), a global acquisition-based conglomerate with investments primarily in five industries – High-Tech Incubation, Drug Development, Entertainment & Media, Education, and Financial Services – is pleased to announce the beta launch of iCannabinoid Marketplace, an online, real-time, live negotiating platform for Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC:CBIS).

The iCannabinoid Marketplace uses real-time, streaming technology to provide users with the ability to instantly find and negotiate with buyers and sellers of medical marijuana equipment and supplies worldwide. The Marketplace will be available 24 hours a day, and will provide real-time, live inventory updating capabilities, as well as an instant private negotiating environment. iCannabinoid Marketplace will provide a secure platform, and all buyers and sellers will be able to negotiate live, via this platform, choosing currencies from around the world. The system will provide private, one-on-one, and one-to-many negotiations while dynamically loading and matching inventory changes and instantly updating new opportunities. iCannabinoid Marketplace will also help registered users reach optimum market prices for equipment and supplies, without compromising the seller’s proprietary pricing information or identity, if they so choose.

For this Beta Launch, Crown Baus has removed all the associated Company fees. There will be no per transaction fees, no monthly fees, and no order entry fees. iCannabinoid Marketplace will be completely free for the public to use during the beta testing phase. Crown Baus encourages users to register and test the marketplace. The Company encourages buyers and sellers to list items for sale, find and comment on any bugs experienced during this beta phase, suggest any new categories to add, and find opportunities and products of interest.

To register to buy or sell products, please visit

“We believe that the technology infused into iCannabinoid Marketplace is a game-changer,” stated Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, Crown Baus Capital’s President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Co-founder. “This new and exciting platform will change how medical cannabis equipment and supplies are bought and sold worldwide. My understanding is that there is still no comparable live-negotiating technology in the marketplace today. This represents a tremendous opportunity for Crown Baus, Cannabis Science, and all our shareholders.”

Crown Baus Capital specializes in the vertical integration of industrial, commercial, and retail profit centers, along with partnerships and start-ups. Crown Baus recently acquired the rights to develop the technology from Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, the owner and designer of the original technology used by XRAYMEDIA.

XRAYMEDIA disrupted the media and advertising industries by providing media professionals, business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs throughout the world with a centralized media marketplace via its Live Media Marketplace (LMM) tool. The LMM was developed by XRAYMEDIA with the advice and support of a number of major, multinational corporations, including members of the American Association of Advertising Agencies back in early 2000. Several versions of LMM were developed by Mr. Dabney in addition to the LMM Advertising Version. Other versions of LMM technology were developed for several industries and activities, including the automobile industry, real estate negotiations, along with several other industries to be released shortly with several new partnership opportunities.

“Here we go! Fasten your seatbelts! This technology is the most advanced, robust, real-time transactional software I have ever seen,” added Mr. Dabney. “It has a number of commercial applications and Crown Baus will roll-out the technology redesigned for each industry of interest, including major business opportunities designed to create an economic boost for the general public and local businesses in any jurisdiction worldwide.”

Crown Baus’ Live Negotiating Technology has been redesigned, and it is ready for successful implementation. The Company’s development team has worked successfully to prepare for this beta launch while leveraging this technology to create new and exciting opportunities for the Company and its partners in many different industries.

“We are quite certain that over the next few weeks we will complete our Beta testing phase and begin the full commercialization process. Register now and participate! We will provide some outstanding opportunities and bonuses for all those who participated in our Beta Testing Phase. Have fun!” concluded Mr. Dabney.

iCannabinoid is a state-of-the-art, high technology social media and educational website recently launched by Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC:CBIS). iCannabinoid is the premier online platform for all things cannabinoid-related, and creates a community of patients, doctors, researchers, parents, lawyers, growers, journalists, government and private-sector leaders, community organizers, and other interested parties. iCannabinoid serves as an information center, resource hub, and support group for those seeking alternative cannabinoid treatments for various critical ailments. For information in iCannabinoid, visit

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Crown Baus Capital Corporation is a global acquisition-based conglomerate targeting five primary industries: High-Tech Incubation, Drug Development, Entertainment & Media, Education, and Financial Services. The Company specializes in the vertical integration of industrial, commercial, and retail profit centers, along with partnerships and start-ups, to create synergistic savings and increased value to our shareholders.

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