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Puration, Inc. (USOTC:PURA) (“PURA”) today published an online presentation to offer additional detail on the company’s third quarter financial report for the period ending September 30, 2018 and how the performance sets the company up to experience even more accelerated growth from here. The third quarter financial statement filed yesterday reported revenue for the nine months ending September 30, 2018 at $868,300 representing an increase of over 400% since the company reported $168,000 for the same period last year. The company also realzed a 50% profit margin reporting a $448,800 bottom line for the nine months ending September 30, 2018. Notably, the company issued no new shares between the second quarter 2018 report and the third quarter 2018 report. The online presentation is available on the company’s website . The narrative from the online presentation is included in its entirety below.

Cannabis Beverage Traction + New Cannabis Beverage Products = Accelerated Growth

Puration’s foray into the cannabis sector started with a patented cannabis extraction process. The company initially intended to become the leading source of quality extract available on the market place. As great as our extraction process was, we just didn’t find a much market at that time for differentiated extract. So, we decided to parlay our extract expertise into the production of our own product and the result was EVERx CBD Infused Sports Water. We introduced EVERx for the first time early last year (2017) at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sports Festival and earned a toe hold for EVERx into the sports nutrition sector. We realized some initial sales through both physical and online retail outlets. We received some invaluable customer feedback and learned some lessons on beverage distribution the hard way. We took our lumps along with our success and continued to evolve our product and our marketing strategy. This year, in 2018, our hands-on product development and sales and marketing experience has established meaningful traction for EVERx, and our sales rate compared to last year has grown leaps and bounds. We expect even greater sales traction from here forward.

Success Breeds Success

Our sales growth and market presence are seeding even more market attention. Puration is being contacted by new distributors as well as being contacted by retailers directly. Puration has been courted by established beverage industry manufacturers. Our experience in the courtship has taught us that $1 million in annual revenue is a minimum benchmark where established players begin to take more interest in new beverage products. With the most recent quarterly reported showing the company is well within reach of the $1 million in annual revenue benchmark, we look forward to what interest may come our way in 2019 and how such interest may accelerate growth. Independent of the interest shown in EVERx by any brand name beverage industry players, Puration shareholders can look forward to new distribution announcements coming soon to include anticipated distribution outside of the United States.

New Products – THC Savor and Telluride Happy Water

Puration has recently announced two new cannabis sector beverages, THCSavor and Telluride Happy Water. THC Savor is being developed internally for launch in regions where recreational marijuana has been legalized. Telluride Happy Water was recently acquired, and the first production run of Telluride Happy Water is already in production. Telluride Happy Water has no legal restrictions on where the product can be sold. With Puration’s hard earned experience gained through launching and growing EVERX, Telluride Happy Water distribution and the corresponding revenue is anticipated by management to go much faster.

In summary, the current market awareness enjoyed by EVERx and the corresponding EVERx sales growth expected in reaction to that current market awareness, combined with Puration’s experience and the sales to be added from two new cannabis sector beverage products, are altogether forecasted to drive even more growth for Puration in 2019 then enjoyed in 2018. And that’s all before the additional growth contribution anticipated from the recently announced joint venture Puration has entered into with Kaly, Inc. (KALY), and Nouveau Live Pharmaceuticals (NOUV), to develop cannabis pharmaceuticals. Shareholders can look for more info on the US Cannabis Health joint venture company when the JV CEO is announced next week.

And Don’t Forget The Stock Dividend – Formal Declaration Anticipated Tomorrow

To concentrate all efforts on expanding its cannabis sector beverage business, Puration recently spun off its cannabis cultivation business by selling the business to Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals (NOUV). The two companies are working together to restructure NOUV to grow the cannabis cultivation business. In conjunction with the terms of the spinoff transaction and the aforementioned NOUV restructuring, NOUV plans to convert the $1.2 million note issued to PURA into a sufficient number of shares whereby 1 NOUV share will be distributed in a stock dividend for every five shares of Puration stock. In other words, the stock dividend plans calls for Puration shareholders to receive one share of NOUV common stock for every five shares of Puration stock that they own. A formal declaration of the dividend is anticpated tomorrow.

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