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Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C. reminds investors that class action lawsuits have been commenced on behalf of stockholders of Fitbit, Inc., India Globalization Capital, Inc., and Aphria Inc. Stockholders have until the deadlines listed below to petition the court to serve as lead plaintiff. Additional information about each case can be found at the link provided.

Fitbit, Inc. (NYSE:FIT)

Class Period: August 2, 2016 – January 30, 2017

Lead Plaintiff Deadline: December 31, 2018

The complaint filed in this class action alleges that throughout the Class Period, defendants made materially false and/or misleading statements, as well as failed to disclose material adverse facts about the company’s business, operations, and prospects. Specifically, the complaint alleges that the defendants failed to disclose: (1) that the company was struggling to transition its mission and differentiate itself from Apple Inc. and other competitors; (2) that, as such, the company was experiencing increased competition; (3) that, as a result, demand and sell-through for the company’s existing and new products were being negatively impacted; (4) that, as a result, the company’s sales and financial results were weakening, and growth was slowing; (5) that the company’s financial guidance was overstated; and (6) that, as a result of the foregoing, defendants statements during the Class Period about Fitbit’s business, operations, financial results and prospects, were materially false and/or misleading and/or lacked a reasonable basis.

To learn more about the Fitbit class action go to:

India Globalization Capital, Inc. (NYSE: IGC, OTC: IGCC)

Class Period: June 21, 2018 – October 29, 2018

Lead Plaintiff Deadline: January 2, 2019

The complaint filed in this class action alleges that throughout the Class Period defendants made false and/or misleading statements and/or failed to disclose that: (1) India Globalization’s business model was in a state of change in order to lure potential blockchain and cannabis investors; (2) India Globalization had overstated the benefits of its relationships with manufacturers, partners, and distributors in order to inflate its potential commercial success in the blockchain and cannabis markets; (3) as a result, the New York Stock Exchange delisted India Globalization’s shares from its exchange; and (4) consequently, defendants’ statements about India Globalization’s business, operations and prospects were materially false and misleading and/or lacked a reasonable basis at all relevant times.

To learn more about the India Globalization class action go to:

Aphria Inc. (NYSE:APHA)

Class Period: July 17, 2018 – December 4, 2018

Lead Plaintiff Deadline: February 4, 2019

The complaint alleges that throughout the class period defendants made materially false and misleading statements and failed to disclose to investors: (i) that Latin American assets acquired by the company lacked adequate licenses to operate and were overvalued; and (ii) that the acquisition of Latin American assets would enrich the company’s CEO and other insiders at the expense of shareholders. The complaint further alleges that, as a result of the foregoing, investors purchased Aphria’s securities at artificially inflated prices during the Class Period and suffered investment losses as a result of defendants’ conduct.

To learn more about the Aphria class action go to:

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