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via NEWMEDIAWIRE — CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, announces publication of an article featuring Aleafia Health Inc’s. (TSXV:ALEF.VN) (OTCQX:ALEAF) (FRA:ARAH) CEO Geoffrey Benic discussing the company’s acquisition of Emblem Corp. creating Canada’s largest cannabis clinic network along with 138,000 kilograms per year of planned annual cultivation capacity–making it an overnight leader in the medical side of the nascent cannabis industry.

CFN Media: Why did you initially decide to focus on medical clinics?

Geoffrey Benic: A question we continuously ask ourselves at Aleafia Health is “how will this accelerate our business strategy?” What the acquisition of Canabo did was leverage their tremendous success in physician-led cannabis therapy, which is why they’ve treated over 50,000 patients. There is tremendous loyalty among our patients because of that direct contact with physicians. It is such a significant differentiator for us. Whereas most medical cannabis transactions involve purchasing products on a website, our patients benefit from direct contact with a physician they trust.

We have been able to make hugely impactful improvements to our patients’ well being, and in doing so, have garnered among the largest patient bases in the country, 10 million proprietary data points and clinic operations expertise which is immensely valuable for international partners.

CFN Media: Why did you decide to pursue the acquisition Emblem?

Geoffrey Benic: Widespread consolidation will occur across the industry with a handful of companies capturing the lion’s share of the market. We intend to be consolidator. But you must do so strategically, by acquiring companies with complementary assets and capabilities, along with excellent management. For us, that’s Emblem.

CFN Media: What are some of the immediate synergies that will be realized?

Geoffrey Benic: Case in point: Emblem has a robust product portfolio of medical cannabis products, including oils, capsules and sprays. And there is a major supply shortage of medical cannabis. We want to ensure that our patients have access to medicine, and we can only do that by controlling the entire supply chain. We have the cultivation, the clinics and the patients. Emblem brings the product expertise including extraction, processing and labelling to us on day one.

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CFN Media: Can you discuss your cannabis production and distribution plans?

Geoffrey Benic: Upon the closing of the acquisition, we will boast a global distribution platform. Emblem has a highly coveted supply agreement with Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada’s largest pharmacy chain. They supply a top cannabis dispensary retailer, Fire and Flower, and their Joint-Venture with Acnos Pharma, a major German pharmaceutical wholesaler ensures access to pharmacies in the largest medical market in the world.

From Aleafia’s standpoint, we have a 15,000 kg supply agreement with CannTrust, along with retail and brands Joint-Ventures with Aaron Serruya and Serruya Private Equity. They have been an innovative, leading force in the cannabis industry, and have experience running global brands including Yogen Fruz.

CFN Media: What catalysts can investors look forward to over the coming months?

Geoffrey Benic: Aleafia Health is going to continue exploring strategic acquisitions. But the number one focus will be on successfully integrating Aleafia and Emblem into a cohesive business with operations across the entire value chain, from cannabis cultivation, to product development, to medical and recreational distribution.

Looking Ahead

Aleafia Health Inc. (TSXV:ALEF.VN) (OTCQX:ALEAF) (FRA:ARAH) is well positioned to become one of the largest and most diverse cannabis companies in the industry following its merger with Emblem Corp. With a leading network of medical cannabis clinics and 138,000 kilograms per year of production capacity, investors may want to keep a close eye on the stock as it grows its presence in medical and expands into recreational.

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Click Here to Download Aleafia Health Inc.’s Investor Presentation.

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