Grass City 20% OFF

Speculators Gamblers, Merchandiser s, Farmers looking to both buy and sell CORN, the new liquid Gold, (1333! )

Disaster insurance are calls in corn for meats guys. I think not knowing someone big is here to sell corn on report. What was it? Now beans stronger? WTH heck? Its public. HK situation, “Liar, your a Liar. Buy gold is my mood. If we ever get over 1400! Let's get setup one eay or other.

I send you charts email priority. That's number 1 thing you need right now is someone reading the roadmap. Enough, let's talk turkey.

March beans trigger ready day traders. We just took out old high by ? 1 penny. That's is your number.

Meats, FCU folks hit again 134.75 OLB was it? (On train with foreigners) 140,000 last month caught?

FC play these levels and trade them. MEANING-


But here is where your using .50cent $200 bets if bottom fishing. 50k Cattlemen called yesterday, I know you ranchers are bearish and I k how NOTHING really in meats. Worse is your bond. Call for bond comment or I sell you a chart.

I have levels like last year in similar time frame situation. We



You still play them. It's like FCQ 159.85 OLS.

Once under (pivot my slow thinkers, trading is split nano fast).

Lie- under is where moneymen sells 1000 FCQ down to minus 10c on day, or under my pivot OLS,

Next day down .20c THEN TATTOO CITY DOWN $25?.

I strive to be your broker with ideas I give my word, you wouldn't think of so fast.

Mon news-Empire FED index down a record, (stock crash in Fall, YES)

We can be in recession in Sept.

Yeah I JACKED UP —ALL MARKETS. Let me give you the real deal charts with ideas ahead of time, levels anyway.


Corn- I have levels in each month up here and of course higher. Sell it and step off as of todays open on rally, NOW. I think possible, lighten up anyway, half.

That's the SLIPPAGE I CLAIM I can save you. My Assumption,

When we get over a level or line

We go up to next one.

I can teach do it yourselfers. Actually prefer selling my stuff (vague word) this artwork that works because it is technical analysis.

Corn- buy calls scale down for insurance but it's more complicated on speaking generally about your risk.

Can corn go to $7.00? Yes, expect unexpected but also;

This will be a great trading market for next year.

I have never had so many spread ideas. Sell julyjuly, buy cn0cz0, bastard month Sept in play huge open interest. Many inexperienced trading.

Hey Dr. Student Your long too many corn, sell Half immediately

Or wheat against but CORN IS DOLLAR higher.

Us Dollar in play too so for real traders I do, have levels, currently bottleneck, green by recent highs.

Caution, watch chart levels for pivots. Or call, my guys in field for those sitting on liquid gold that got in early. Give me a call, you hit the rural LOTTO. Corn in looking good. Yeah everybody hates you but so what?

Buy corn break before drought starts after 4th of July. True or Lie? Lies are rampant everywhere in markets.

Meat guys, hedge with beyond beef stock short. Instead of futures? Need stock analysis? AMZN- $1961 OLS was it? Warren bought a chuck? Olive line victims.

Don't be OL victim. CZ 3.66.

Yeah wheat all way down but we learned tiny OLS all way down. HOGS 85.33- 85.66 IS THAT OLS TINY BUT!

Buy Corn puts? Then buy future s. Expensive so shop option pages. # DAY LOTTOs in July corn.

Custom option recommendations available. I need early. I ask Pros like Dr J at club, CNBC bro's. And other floor pros.

Markets next 4 months or longer will become chaotic price swings. 40-50% but we have seen this now.

Clients need to work 1lots or more at my extremes and worry about it when filled. Extremes happen when you least expect, 2am night session panics like bonds also? Coffee buyers inquire. Sugar looks bullish, funds.

Bean oil hit and filled NL last Friday late we bought, no heat on gap up weekend. 28.36 with stop under 28.25, just a trade, small contract. BO is, has hit LT OLB under 28 so don't give up ? See coffee 91.60 last month.

Do not give up DUE TO TIME.


GIVE UP because of PRICE,

against you.

That's when you give up and stay fresh.

Best of Trading to All,

Don't be a sheep.

Alan Palmer

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425 S. Financial Place Suite 2301
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